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The Computer User’s Eye Care Guide

In this age of technology, you may spend a lot of time staring at electronic screens, at work and at home. This may strain your eyes and bring about vision difficulties, though, unless you make time for these simple but effective eye care habits.

If your screen is about 20 degrees below your eye level, at an arm’s length distance from your eyes to the screen, then you are maintaining the proper posture and position for working. This helps to avoid wrist and back problems, too.

In connection with this, position the screen so that the room’s lighting is appropriate, not coming from the back causing reflection, nor falling directly on the screen. Use an internal/external glare screen with settings adjusted for your specific needs.

Clear Vision Eyecare – the opticians in London, said that “The 20-20-20 rule is easy to remember. After 20 minutes of looking at your screen, look away to an object about 20 feet away, then blink 20 times.” This exercise reduces strain and keeps focal length of the eye changeable, at the same time preventing dry eyes. Additionally, you can warm your palms by rubbing them together, then gently place them against your closed eyes for one minute, whenever your eyes feel tired. This natural body warmth harmlessly eases eye strain.

To make up for blinking less often when staring at computer screens, using artificial tear drops or eye drops is advisable for restoring the right amount of moisture of the eyes. For even better protection, there are anti-glare glasses that reduce glare-induced strain on the eyes. If you already use a pair of glasses, you can have your optometrist give them an anti-glare coating. If you don’t use eyeglasses, anti-glare glasses can be specially made for that sole purpose.

At the end of a day spent in front of the computer screen, placing chilled tea bags on your closed eyes can ease tired eyes and reduce puffiness around them.

Lastly but most importantly, your diet should regularly provide nutrients to the eyes, so be sure to have hearty servings of green leafy vegetables, yellow and orange fruits and vegetables, and dairy products.

When your well-being is affected by eye problems, these irritations can in turn prevent you from performing optimally in your work. If you include the habits above in your daily routines, those problems can surely be avoided, to make way for a more healthy and therefore more efficient and more effective you.

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