Friday, 26 November 2010

Arkava Das


resuming composition
a sub-Angstrom lever
tripped inside
an inventive wall

with a sturdy bracket

steeled atmosphere

reaching towards
safety considerations

“we made a lump of
wood into that form

&were abashed”

heartless &soundless
drugged &entered

cascading distractions
“we have this vivid picture”

Italics: Philosophical Investigations (Wittgenstein)


Ande said...

I really like this. Hope you want to become a returning guest in this salon. Ångström. I can proud myself with living in the same town as he did.

Arkava said...

You're rt Ande! it's a very happy coincidence that this poem references Uppsala!



Peter Greene said...

Thanks for the poem, Arkava! I love it when something is not only a pleasure to read but makes me go and learn things. You provide just enough keys (for uneducated brutes like me) to make "replay value" high - Having quickly (very quickly) read up on Wittgenstein, I continue to work it over. I like what I've managed of his conclusions on language; it illuminates places my own thoughts are going re: combining total linguistic freedom with a technique enabling broad communication; you made me work my brain, though - it'll be sore tomorrow. Off I go to mop a floor - restful on the brain, and the smell of bleach.


Peter Greene said...

My goodness, this Wittgenstein is neverendingly full of ideas. I am late, late for my date with the mop, and I have made many bookmarks. I sure need the brain exercise - thanks again, for both poem and the multiplicity of interesting things to read that have come from it.

Arkava said...

Hi Peter. thanks so much!!

really glad the reading this triggered (Wittgenstein i mean) added to yr thoughts on yr own work. “total linguistic freedom with a technique enabling broad communication”-sounds like a demanding poetics!
all the best with your reading &work :)


p.s. i should get down to cleaning out my room too. i can already see my footprints on the floor.

just holding out till it gets really unbearable. :)