Saturday, 27 November 2010

Ivan Jenson

Picky, Picky

You don’t
belong with
your belongings
and you don’t need
your necessities
what you need is
something as impractical
as love at first sight
and as improbable
as a soul-mate
rather than a roommate
and then you can
engage in some
impulsive acts
of kindness
and book
a flight to Venice,
or a Hyatt
in Honolulu
and though
even Cupid
takes baby steps
you are ready
to make one
giant leap
for woman-kind
to the honeymoon
and back
you want to wake
up to a continental
breakfast of
pancakes and
pursed lips
and you
want to be
treated like china
that just might break
you are
precious and porcelain
so welcome lady,
to the tall skim club
of “chick-lit” longing

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