Thursday, 16 December 2010

David McLean

tripping over brackets

we trip over the brackets
around the pure perception,
and, inside me,
all cats are gray

like flags over the castle
where nothing lives
innocent oblivion.
all cats are gray,

and time at night
is painless, where evening
has stroked away
twilight anxiety

and consecrated the cold
to being and absence,
that icy absolution
time brings, like nothing,

here where all cats are gray,
and so are most days


Jenny said...

I really enjoy the music of this one. Thanks for sharing it, David!

Peter Greene said...

Yes, I like the way it develops and ends the rhythm. Thanks for the poem, David.


Peter Greene said...

(After a couple more reads) - thanks again for the poem, David. It has things in it I like.

Arkava said...


thanks for the poem David. enjoyed!

Ande said...

Hmm, yes Husserls intersubjectivity. This is a good poem. Thank you.

David C. McLean said...

yes, this is ages later, but it's based on Husserl

David C. McLean said...

thanks everybody btw