Friday, 10 December 2010

Neil Ellman

Ghost Story

A shadow wanders
Through the dusty rooms
Between old chairs
Draped in white linen
Passing a portrait of itself
Almost recognizable
Slightly turned
As if to look away
Wondering why it's there
Where it is
And who the others are
Who sense
The silent wind of eyes.

Walk This Way

The sun walked this way
Peeked around the side of the old church
Turned the corner
And entered the empty square
The grey statue changed to fire
Alive again.

Walk this way, it said,
And I did, and in its place
I was transformed to stone.


Jenny said...

I admire the music of these pieces, Neil. Elegant and so well-composed. I come to think of Oscar Wilde. You really have your own style, though.

Ande said...

This is very good poetry.

LadyArt said... let yourself be transformed to stone... this is a short story that makes me shiver... impressive...