Saturday, 18 December 2010

Paul Handley

Style Conscious

The rain drops on my
Signature fedora that has
Become a kinky quirk
Lately, attests that my
Misfit flair became too popular
From a discernment of a norm
That did not remain on the fringes,
Thus keeping its cache.
Maybe next time.

Have you seen the white
Golf shoes? I hope it is only your
Subconscious that registered
It as a shadow echo, then
Stilled to a casual pulse
That warranted a glance of
Appreciation to an unprompted omit.
This is a goal.

Actual Event

The moon looks
Like a multi media

White egg pasted
In my panorama.

Who knows? Maybe in
My own miniature (to someone)
Crèche. The finishing

Applicant may have been
Overlooked by inspector

I don’t mind being on a
Set, but a whimsical
Mindset for details is

Not welcome. Our
Scientists have observed
Fundamentals that have to adhere.

Contentment requires lunar tides, not
Schlock van guard.
Inconsistency breeds child

Abuse and grassy knolls.
Memo to “god” give me
A sun at 06:17 hours with

Shimmering streaks,
Appropriate warmth and
Precancerous skin.

Fire the inspector if need be
Or I will curse
You to a locked room of

Social scientists
Debating the nature
Of reality for a week (your time).


Ande said...

"Contentment requires lunar tides"
I really like this one. Thanks.

Peter Greene said...

#3WL47^*. overlooks nothing! From his perch. Must have been an subordinate. Schlock van guard does not protect against odour; it is impossible to lie through the stench of lying!

And thanks for the excellent poetry, Paul.


For some reason, I have created the word 'faedora' in my head. Mental typos.

Peter Greene said...

Also: hope we'll see more of you here! I really enjoyed those.