Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Ricky Garni

The Fourth Stooge

I thought that surely I was missing something when I read Rumi talking about beating a man senseless with a club so that he could pull the stealthy snake out of his mouth, but it is true: that’s exactly what he wrote.

Sometimes you have to trust people when what they seem to be doing makes no sense, so that they may pull stealthy snakes out of your mouth which were they to explain their purpose might not work, as you would grow tense and inflamed and it would be quite impossible to do what needed to be done, i.e., snake removal.

Then again, some people are crazy. They like to beat you senseless for fun. Moe Howard had that. Bugs Bunny had a little bit of that. I like to think that Rumi was not crazy or one of the Three Stooges or Bugs Bunny. And I know in my heart he wasn’t. But sometimes it makes me smile to think that maybe he really was. Yes, he maybe he was.


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Peter Greene said...

Honestly, the second you put someone in a bag, the urge to beat them senseless takes over. Trust is no guide there. Never having read Rumi, I don't know how I'd feel about a snake-based beating - but a bag, yes. And apparently, dog and rabbit are both improved, flavour-wise, by this method (I wouldn't know, but this is what one hears).

Thank you for an interesting series of thoughts, Ricky. I'm going to have to go and look up Rumi, which will be no doubt to my profit. Goodness knows, stealthy snakes and beatings are sobering, serious stuff - and yes, i think bugs does have a real psychopathic streak. Hangs out with some serious freaks, too. I hear they can all mimick each other on the phone; as though they were of one, multifarious voice: screws up wiretaps real bad. They got that one character on weapons charges - the mustache man, Sam - a real loose cannon.

Ande said...

I really like this piece.