Monday, 20 December 2010

Travis Macdonald

Definite Article Anything
(worthless customs, rules, or regulations that forbid something to set a price of)


Nominative Singular Pronoun keeps
watch or vigil at or to
a farther point or higher
place on or in

the present day or age
free from sound or noise
as a place or persons; silent.


Any liquid that is swallowed
to quench thirst, for nourishment,
etc. beverage (a Boolean operator
that returns a positive result when both
operands are positive) free fruits, vegetables
from moisture for preservation; dry.

Stimulate sexually an added condition
stipulation, detail or particular
to utter suddenly and briefly; exclaim!


Earth or matter in fine, dry particles
toward or in the direction of: going
each; every; per: spreading and imparting dirt
a hard blow (or a successful show)

Nominative Singular Pronoun has; or forms
in the mind as an idea,
conception etc. — to regard as specified
an auxiliary verb which belongs to you

Next in order of time or place to devise
or arrange, as in a plan at that point in an action
speech, etc. the state or condition


Each; every; per: for a short time or period
having considerable linear extent in the space
of head or skull reaching well into the past
(of beverages) mixed against great odds

to be no longer subject, become in-

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Peter Greene said...

Auxiliary verbs fail me - thanks for the difficult and interesting poem. I detect an arc, of love perhaps between two intersecting but not entirely covalent sets of crystal memories - I need more coffee and another read of this. Thanks for sharing your work -