Monday, 24 January 2011

Ande Enochsson


you say you forgot
the low chroma
same hues between houses
inside awareness
constant low value
sandwiched between
various levels of fullness

it's phosphorescence karma
they will chew you according to
richness but
not the ripened concord grapes
there must be a limit

regret for disappointed male
this season made no breasts
elation is the bomb
under the Pashto's

laughter is an older man's privilege
not because he's better in any way but
because he got lucky.


Peter Greene said...

Boy, do I agree with you about luck and age. Every day a luckier day.

Thanks for the poem, Ande.

gerry boyd said...

Nice tone and close in this Ande. Of course 'there must be a limit'. I think that line is the resonate center of this. Bravo!

Gordon Mason said...

Great images; liked particularly "laughter is an older man's privilege"