Monday, 24 January 2011

Gordon Mason


A frenetic firebird
fills the skies,
with a philharmonia
of Stravinsky strings

as we plunge from
Meall an Lochain
into a footbath
of fermented froth:

a veiled vacuum: a fungus
of microscopic crystals
that festoon Aberfeldy.
Flickers of streetlights,

stooped and scrunched
lonely figures,
unaware of the light
and life above,

creep past as we form
a crawl, a worm of drivers
in this ephemeron
clinging to the ice cold Tay.


Peter Greene said...

A neat sweep of images, as though brought by a wind down from high crag and through city and mind. Thanks, Gordon.

Jenny said...

A dynamic piece. A "firebird" poem of great images.

Good to see you here, Gordon!

gerry boyd said...

so much great music in this. admirable indeed. had to read this aloud a few times. yummy.

Gordon Mason said...

Thanks folks on my first post!