Friday, 4 February 2011

Andreas Andersson


boarding a freighter in san francisco harbor
destination kobe
best described in a longer poem
where the city itself longs for the sea
with childlike longing
the journey best in stripped down journal entries
about rest of crew and assignments aboard
but also and more interestingly about the historical development of buddhism
in china and japan. chan/zen.
myths of the mountains. animism. grace and gratitude at a dying animal.
a she fox sneaking in at night in the guise of a beautiful woman.
man sleeping. man and woman an altar.
poems to robin in a temple garden. pleiades chanting
my words above.


Peter Greene said...

A lovely introduction to...well, how to say "an introduction to the sense of history and excitement at one's journey to Japan' elegantly? Exactly like you did. And: Kobe Poem! I want to write that over, and over, and over again....I love it.

Thanks for the piece, Andreas - I really liked it.


Ande said...

Good poem. Thank you for this.

Andreas said...

Thank you, Peter. I'm glad.

Thank you, Ande.