Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Peter Greene

madness10 :the  novel

"very   moving , and ,  of  wonderful mahogany"
      "  derogatory , disconcerting - a
          burbling". - the   Times  and Quiler's   While    and       the
                Magazine   Of   Splendid   Things
                                         is      featuring my  living  room  - doome
             of     fame    and   failure  - now
                                                          is   the  time
                    for me    tO    inhale  you  :  fumes
                            of   Time   and   vistas      wide  :screaming  hordes,
                      deep   inside


Jenny said...

Nice to see a new post here in this autumnal-looking salon (I just love autumn). Great rhythm and expressive images in this one. And I have always liked alliterations with f. Thanks for it, Peter. Hope you are having some lovely ocean breeze in BC right now.

Ande said...

Thank you for this poem, it's very good.