Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Philip Byron Oakes

Harkening the Day Away

As in a palindrome without recourse to retraction.
Rutted road to fame in silhouette. Ample fish in
the see. The Hapsburgers grilled with fries casting
grease at squeaky wheels, rolling past the meaning
less to evoke the more the merrier they fall. Sedated
scrum of elders in pose with a past that lost the race.
A conundrum squeezed to a limpid clarity of doffed
hats in the ring of fire, smoke signals sent as valentines
to the nether side of the coin’s realm. A fringe benefit
of being stuck in the middle, of the conveniently
amorphous shaping up as trouble. Putting test to
the gravity of sinking feelings. A retort to the calm
mustered in layers of amnesia, topping off the
ulterior in getting under the radar looking for
the end to rhyme.


Anonymous said...

Beautifully written. I write myself and love to read good stuff.

I have been roaming the archive and I especially like the poetry in the beginning and the end.

Philip Byron Oakes said...

Thanks, Jukka. I appreciate it.