Sunday, 7 August 2011

Rhoda Penmarq

this is my first affair

the indigo sunset slowly seeped away
the lion stared at the disappearing bush
the cowboy tuned his guitar around the campfire
the snake slithered through the dust

the flounder avoided the hull of the boat
the yak waited patiently in the shadows
the janissary gave a lusty full-throsted yell
joey made a face as he ate his yogurt

the porcupine rested by the side of the road
the aardvark watched him from behind a large rock
the rhubarb grew wild
the undertaker broke off a stalk

he had never eaten wild rhubarb before
his grandmother's exhortation to be careful what he ate surfaced in his brain
the orangutan repressed a chuckle
but quickly scampered away when the undertaker's baleful gaze fell upon him

the bug crawled up the vine
victory was in the air
the gravy train pulled into the station
the jaguar watched from behind the dumpster

the bobcat gave the jaguar a wide berth
and headed down the highway
an apple fell from a tree
at zero hour

the walrus went back to sleep
after eating the eggplant

piano legs hickman stroked the ball to right with crisp authority
and big ed delahanty came lumbering home

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Ande said...

Welcome! Glad to see you here. It's a lovely poem.