Monday, 12 September 2011

Pamela Sayers

White Elephant Sale

On crumbled walls your paintings hang,
chips in plaster, cool and grey,
nestled in my vintage shop
where I have come to pray

Life became a travelogue
upon your hindered path,
enmeshed in tufts of lace,
now torn apart

On nether grounds you treaded,
sacred daylight in your hair,
flowing wild in lush sporadic gold

Textured in your purple gown
as tremors cursed seditious hands
and crowds swelled pledging loyalty
in stigma overcome …

by memory of your ruffled tear-stained blouse

Pamela Sayers is an artist by profession, ten years ago she moved out of her country to Mexico. She is now teaching English to foreign language students. She lives with her husband and six pets; 4 dogs, a cat and a bird. Pamela just started writing poetry about 2 years ago and she loves it.

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