Monday, 12 December 2011

Kevin Ridgeway

Middle of the Desert Blues

miles between
trailer homes
the pet pig
keeps biting me
while the men
with tools
for appendages
and saucer eyes
hit on my mother
with toothless
swagger and
Crisco crusted
greaser coifs

ashes from many
cigarettes dangle
before dropping
in a floating
dance to the dirt,
this junkyard
among many
grand castles of
orchestrated garbage
on this uncharted
treasure map
of desert land
are all faded glory with
its people burning amongst
the growing torch of
dry debris 
unmarked graves dot
its parameters
skulls hold
lit candles
pipes and
unfinished butts
the damn pig
won’t stop
trying to eat me

Kevin Ridgeway resides in his native Southern California.  He lives in a shady bungalow with his girlfriend and their one-eyed cat.  His work has appeared in a wide variety of online and print publications.  

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Jenny said...

Wow, this amazing!