Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Ande Enochsson


green-blue pines
smell of wet bark
oxidised iron in the soil 
frost stiffened them
came from ceilings
abandoned barleycorn fields

coloured dew in woodland junctions
hoarfrost biting the outer skin
smell of frozen steam in his nose

the effervescing humours
reservoir entrances frozen over
icy turmoil waiting for spring
waterlogged trees dialogue
in low key frequency

Ande Enochsson (b.1979) lives in Uppsala, Sweden. He writes short stories and poetry. Some of his pieces have been published in, for instance, Fosebook and Smokestack. Ande is an editor of Rufous Salon and Rufous Press.

1 comment:

gerry boyd said...

Nice Ande. Gentle and powerful with some tricky word play. Last line is particularly sonically tricky.