Saturday, 11 February 2012

Jenny Enochsson


beyond wet stubble-field
is the woodland pub
with rusty fog oiled window hinges
man with teeth like grains of maize
carries tin pail
with lukewarm raspberry juice
to the half blind heron
by the riverbank

tree silhouettes like celtic cheek bones 
and jawlines visible when leaves fall
stage filled with bursting acorns
drumhead elastic like eyelids
flute rising over sleeping algae
below flight of swans

dancing selenite-white kid
with branch horns
pub guests drinking ale
or raspberry wine with seed crackle
in green venetian glass cups
cat with frosty savannah gaze
walks across a hill

distant drum cloud light
alder cones in his hair
sulphite steam round leg stalks

Jenny Enochsson (b. 1976) lives in Uppsala, Sweden. She writes short stories and poetry in her native language Swedish and in English. Some of her pieces have been published in literary magazines and in other publications. Jenny is an editor of Rufous Salon.


AgSynclair said...

Nicely done!

Jenny said...

Thanks very much, A.g.!

Tobi said...

It's so nice to hear from you and read your work again!!

Jenny said...

Tobi, thank you very much!