Monday, 28 January 2019

Moving Out

A house never forgets
how to hold its own

but it’s hard
to stay whole

when hallways
fill spaces

with hauntings;

slink past sunlight
behind curtains

at dusk, slicing
through memories

no one cares enough
to carry.


Lise Larsen said...

Liked this one too! Thanks.

po johnson said...

"when hallways fill spaces with hauntings"
I am moving a lot, between two countries, I can relate to this one. Myself, I have very impersonal flats, reflecting my personality. Empty spaces that I need to fill out. Sorry, I'm rambling. :)
Anyway, I really liked to read this!

Ariane Lewis said...

Thanks for your feedback. I always wonder what happens to the spaces we leave. What remains, what fades away? And who doesn't enjoy a good rambling!

Ariane Lewis said...

Po, your rambling led me to tweak my piece. Again, rambling proves essential!