Saturday, 12 January 2019

The New Rufous Salon

Hi there,

Long time no see! We have decided to open Rufous Salon again. The blog is now a poetry community instead of an online magazine. We will send author invitations to some of our favourite poets soon.

If you have not received an invitation and would like to post poems, you may contact us.

L'art pour l'art!


Jenny & Ande
(Uppsala, Sweden)


po johnson said...

Very nice! I really liked the old blog, fos. This one looks better. I am very happy to be here. Thanks Ande and Jenny

Jenny said...

Thanks PO and welcome! :)

gerry boyd said...

Jenny: long time, no? Hope all is well. Gerry

Jenny said...

Hi Gerry! Really nice to see you here. Yes, all is well. Looking forward to reading you poems.

Jeremy Blomberg said...

I was just saying the other day that I would like to start focusing more on my poetry, and here you are. Great to hear from you guys, looking forward to the poetry.

Megan Duffy said...

Jenny and Ande!
So lovely to see your name in my email. Thank you for invitation. I have just begun to inch my way back to writing after a very long time of silence. This is just what I needed.

Jenny said...

Sean (or Jeremy) and Megan, welcome to the salon! I am so happy that you wanted to join it. :) This is an exciting new project.