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Jenny & Ande


Jenny Enochsson (born 1976) lives in Uppsala, Sweden, with her husband Ande. She writes fiction. Previously, she also wrote poetry. Some of her pieces have been published in, for instance, Tidningen Kulturen, The Meadowland Review and Poppy Road Review. At the moment, she is writing a novel. Nature often plays an important role in her literary texts. Jenny is a nature lover.
Homepage: Jenny Enochsson

Ande Enochsson (born 1979) lives in Uppsala, Sweden, with his wife Jenny. A senior SEM manager at daytime, he nonetheless writes poetry and a novel in his spare time. He believes he is on mission impossible. Some of his pieces have been published in print and online publications, for example Otoliths, as well as antologis sush as Lush, Over Yonder and Juniperus Flamenco. More about him: Faun

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